Genom åren har vi haft många duktiga talare på Community Day, här är ett urval.

Jonathan Worthington

Jonathan Worthington From business applications to compiler writing, and from .Net to Perl, Jonathan has a wide range of software development experience. He deeply believes that good development has to be a strongly holistic activity, drawing on mathematics, engineering, linguistics, economics, psychology and more. By looking at insights from many fields, he works hard to deliver solid and maintainable software solutions. Originally from the UK, and having spent time in Spain and Slovakia, Jonathan is currently based in Sweden and working for Edument AB.

Twitter: @jnthnwrthngtn
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Carl Mäsak

Carl MasakCarl is a devoted software developer and architect, with an eye for tackling complex domains

He has experience in a wide range of fields, from web development to compiler writing, from scientific programming to business applications. A firm believer in test-driven development and continuous deployment, he enjoys applying fresh personal experience with decades-old consensus design principles to arrive at fresh solutions to hard problems. Carl currently lives in Malmö, Sweden, and works as an architecture consultant and teacher for Edument AB

Twitter: @carlmasak
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Mats Bryntse

Mats Ryntse has been a software developer for over 10 years, working mainly with JavaScript and .NET. Currently Mats is running his own company Bryntum, which creates extensions for Ext JS as well as a JavaScript unit testing tool called “Siesta”. For the past four years he's been fully focused on JavaScript and Ext JS in particular. He is frequently supporting fellow users in the Sencha forums and Mats also founded two Ext JS user groups in both San Francisco and Malmö, which combined have over 400 members. In his spare time, you’re likely to find Mats in a ski-slope or on a badminton court.

Twitter: @bryntum
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Andreas Krohn

Andreas Krohn är en API-specialist som har arbetat med API:er och mashups de senaste 6 åren. Han tror fullt och fast att öppen data och öppna API:er kan leda till ett bättre samhälle och affärsklimat. Han bloggar om detta på, Sveriges ledande blogg om API:er.

Twitter: @andreaskrohn
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Peter Larsson

Peter LarssonPeter Larsson has been an international consultant and lecturer since 1993. Peter is a SQL Server MVP (since 2009), a MCT (since 2011), leader and co-founder of the local PASS chapter Scania, and a mentor for SQLUG (the Swedish SQL Server User Group). He also does technical reviewing and editing for various publishing companies, including RedGate and Microsoft. Peter wrote chapter 25 in the book SQL Server MVP Deep Dives 2

Jimmy Nilsson

Jimmy NilssonÄr en av grundarna samt VD för factor10. Han har skrivit böckerna "Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns" [ADDDP] och ".NET Enterprise Design" [NED]. Han håller utbildningar och talar på konferenser som OOPSLA, JAOO, Øredev, Jfokus, SDC, VSLive, NDC, Devsummit och Expo-C. Men framförallt är han en utvecklare med 20 års erfarenhet.

Twitter: @jimmynilsson
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Eric Lavesson

Eric LaversonEric is a software consultant and trainer working at Edument AB. He holds courses at Informator in C#, ASP.NET MVC, Web Security and C++. WIth and inclination to work towards the web and mobile applications, he's implemented services in diffrent languages and techniques> This ranges from PHP/MySQL in Linux and ASP.NET in windows, to Android for mobile development. Eric teaches a number of courses at Informator in MVC4, beginner C#, intermediate C#, web security

Twitter: @EricLavesson
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Thomas Ivarsson (PASS Scania)
Matt Whitfield (Atlantis Interactive)
Simon Lidberg (Microsoft)

Genom åren har vi diskuterat många intressanta och aktuella ämnen på Community Day. Här kan du läsa mer:


Bli en expert på NoSQL

Greg Young, Jonathan Worhington, Carl Mäsak, Rob Ashton

Bli en expert på NoSQL Under många år har relationsdatabaser ansetts vara det enda vettiga sättet att organisera data. Men på senare år har arkitekter och utvecklare börjat använda sig av fler alternativ: dokumentdatabaser, grafdatabaser, event stores och mycket mer.

Relationella databaser som sådana är inte gammaldags eller dåliga i sig, utan det är helt enkelt så att det finns så många intressanta problem att vi inte kan hoppas hitta en färdig databaslösning som passar alla.

Community Day presenterar ett brett spektrum av alternativ och förklarar vad de är och vilka problem de passar bäst till.


Community Day .Net Best Practices

Jonathan Worthington, Andreas Öhlund, Eric Lavesson

For our 2012 .Net Best Practices event, we invited Andreas Öhlund of NServiceBus fame to speak. Other sessions, delivered by some of Edument's top teachers, focused on the latest ideas and technologies in the .NET world: C# 5's async and await, Web API and the trend towards functional style programming.


Community Day - Tackling Complexity in Software

Jonathan Worthington, Mats Bryntse, Carl Mäsak

This wide-ranging day of talks paired Mats Bryntse, a JavaScript developer working with ExtJS, with two of Edument's leading teachers.

Together, they explored a diverse range of topics, from the well known (ExtJS, Git and web security) to some less well known, but still important areas (aggregates,

Unicode, and lessons from compiler theory that everyday developers can learn from).

Software Architecture Community Day

Jimmy Nilsson, Carl Mäsak, Jonathan Worthington, Andreas Krohn

For this event, we went all out to bring together some great speakers and talks. Jimmy Nilsson discussed Domain Driven Design, sharing his practical experiences of applying it. API expert Andreas Krohn talked about the importance of APIs and presented a range of best practices.

Meanwhile, Edument's Carl Mäsak introduced CQRS and Event Sourcing, while Jonathan Worthington put on his linguistic hat and looked at the role of language in software development, as well as delivering an entertaining, yet challenging session about common failings in software architecture.

Community Connection II - .NET Best Practices

Hadi Hariri, Jonathan Worthington, Dag König

With two successful events in Malmö under our belt, it was time to hit Gothenburg and Stockholm! We took our .NET Best Practices event on the road, once again discussing BDD, Dependency Injection, Continuous Integration and Aspect Oriented Programming.


Community Connection - .NET Best Practices

Jonathan Worthington, Dag König, Peter Larsson,Mark Seemann

This event brought together a wide range of .NET experts to talk about the opics they knew best. With a focus on good quality code, maintainability and testing, the day was packed full of inspiration and good ideas.

Community Connection - SQL &. NET

Peter Larsson, Jonathan Worthington, Matt Whitfield, Simon Lidberg

Informator, Pass Scania and Edument hosted a complimentary day of SQL and .NET. Exploring topics from execution plans to business intelligence, the day also featured talks on some of the most common mistakes that are made with SQL Server and how to choose from the huge number of ways to do data access on the .NET platform.

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